Thought for the day #1: Smart grids need better communication

Sensemaking / Thought for the day #1: Smart grids need better communication

Dr Rebecca Glough, Technical Specialist at Cenex, shares how EVs can optimise the electricity grid - and what's holding this back.

By Futures Centre / 08 May 2017

At Cenex we’re looking at how electric vehicles (EVs) will shape the future of the electricity grid by changing how and where we use energy, the amount we use and how we buy and sell it. The technology to enable this is smart charging and vehicle-to-grid. This allows EV owners to buy electricity only when they need it and sell electricity back when they don’t, but the current electricity grid isn’t ready for this yet. District Network Operators (organisations that own and operate the distribution network of towers and cables that bring electricity from our national transmission network to local communities) don’t communicate with homes or businesses so it’s difficult for the everyday consumer to feed electricity back to the network in addition to drawing from it. This technology will only fulfill its potential if there’s better communication and engagement between all stakeholders in the system.


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